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In this article, we will explain the most used functions of PAX A920 card terminal


To perform a sale tap on PAY/SALE on the MAIN menu of your terminal.

You will be prompted to enter the sale amount using the onscreen keypad.

Now the cardholder needs to either insert the card, swipe it, or tap it on the top of the terminal to complete the sale.

You will see that the terminal is processing the payment.

And if the sale was successful the following screen will appear.

Next you will be prompted to print the copy of the receipt.

Always print receipts both yourself (merchant) and the cardholder πŸ–¨


If you need to reprint a receipt you can do this by accessing the Main Menu and selecting the "Reprint Manager" button.

You will be given the option to either reprint the last receipt or reprint a specific receipt by entering the receipt number. You will find the receipt number on your merchant copy of the receipt.


A refund occurs when a transaction has already been approved and the payment has been taken from your customer and settled in your account.

To refund a transaction on your A920 terminal, first you need to tap on β€œrefund” on the main menu:

Then you need to enter the amount you want to refund, and tap DONE:

After you have tapped DONE, you will be prompted to enter the Supervisor User ID and Password.

By default, that would be :

  • User Id: 1234

  • Password: 1234

If the customer is present at the store, they can either tap the card for contactless, swipe the card through the mag stripe reader, or insert for chip and pin.

If the refund has been successful, you will see the following sequence ⏳, that will end up with a green tick βœ… displayed on the terminal, saying that refund has been authorized.

If something will go wrong - the terminal will show a red cross and β€œCancelled”.❌

If the refund was successful, you will be prompted to print the copy of the receipt :

Always print receipts both yourself (merchant) and the cardholder πŸ–¨


Unlike a refund, a payment reversal occurs before the customer’s funds have been settled in your account, and can be initiated by either the cardholder, the merchant, the card network, or the issuing or acquiring bank. A reversal can be completed a lot more quickly than a refund, which avoids interchange fees and is a lot less disruptive for both merchant and customer.

To do a reversal click on β€œREVERSAL” on the main menu.

Next click on β€œREVERSE LAST” to reverse the last transaction made on the terminal.

Next you will be prompted to enter the amount of the transaction you want to reverse.

After successful reversal you will see the following screen βœ…

If the transaction was taken too long ago it won’t allow you to reverse it, and in that case you can issue a refund.

After the successful reversal you will get an option to print a receipt for the cardholder or merchant (yourself).

Always print receipts both yourself (merchant) and the cardholder πŸ–¨

Once printed - click DONE and you will be returned to the main menu.


Test Acquiring Connection is done to test the connection to the acquiring bank.

To do that, click on β€œTEST ACQUIRING CONNECTION” on the main menu of the terminal.πŸ“‘

If everything was setup correctly you will see the following screen and will be returned to the main menu in a few seconds. βœ…

If the connection fails, please immediately contact Paynt Support for assistance. ☎


Cycle keys is a very important process, that needs to be performed when a new terminal is being set up, and it also helps to solve various issues that sometimes occur.

What cycle keys does, is performs a MAC reset and a logon test to confirm that it is connected and logged on as expected.

To perform cycle keys you need to go to the admin menu of your terminal.

And tap the β€œCycle Keys” button.

You will be prompted to enter the supervisor User ID and password.

By default, that would be :

  • User Id: 1234

  • Password: 1234

After you enter the correct credentials the terminal will show you if there are any stored transactions, to continue please press β€œDONE”.

Next you should see 2 following pictures:

If everything was performed successfully without any errors, you will get a β€œkey inject success” report:

now all you have to do is click β€œDONE” to continue working with the terminal.


The Z report is the end of day report used for reconciliation purposes, and should be perfomed before the store closes and the end of the day.

To print out the Z report please click on the admin menu and then click Z report. 🀝

After you click it will print out the report or show β€œno transactions to reconcile” if you haven’t been processing.

The X report has the same information as the Z report, but it doesn’t reset the totals back to zero. It can be printed at any time of the day to see your totals so far.

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