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SoftPOS Paynt Now Installation
SoftPOS Paynt Now Installation
Updated over a week ago

  1. "Paynt Now" is the easiest way to accept contactless payments!

  2. Downloading the app is simple

    But there are some rules because safety is our top priority:

    1. You need an Android device with OS 11 or higher that has NFC enabled;

    2. The device must be safe - buy it from trusted sellers

    3. Simply open the Google Play app on your Android device, search for "Paynt Now" and select Install.

    4. Make sure that the internet connection is great, and that nobody is trying to monitor it!

  3. Once you’ve downloaded the SoftPOS Paynt Now app from the Google Play Store, you can open it from your device and get started. When the app is launched, you will see the Paynt screen.

  4. Every time you launch SoftPOS, the app will run checks to ensure that it is free from any risks before loading the rest of the app. If any risks are detected, SoftPOS will either advise you of the risk, automatically close the SoftPOS app, or limit the functionality. This is to ensure that your app is safe and secure.

  5. Once the app has checked for risks and any detected risks have been resolved, SoftPOS will check to ensure that all mandatory permissions have been enabled. When you launch the app for the first time, you will need to enable all permissions that are needed for the SoftPOS app to start processing payments.

  6. For creating a user account please check if you have received an email from Paynt with login credentials. If you still haven't received them please check your spam box or contact us via chatbot on Paynt Portal or via email [email protected] and see our next article "How to login in Paynt Now".

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