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How does a merchant complete video verification?
How does a merchant complete video verification?
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It is a very simple process to complete; your merchant / Principal with Signatory Rights will need to take a photo of the front of their driving licence, passport OR Government issued ID card, and then we ask them to film a short video of themselves so we can verify their ID.

They can either click on the link in the email that is sent to start the process, or they can download the Idenfy application from the App Store or Google Play and enter the unique 8 digit code detailed in the email.

When they start the video identification, they have 60 minutes to complete the process โ€“ donโ€™t worry it doesn't take that long!

Useful tips to share with your merchant:

  • Use actual documents - Driving Licence or Passport โ€“ NOT a photo or copy!

  • Make sure the Passport or Driving Licence is not damaged at all

  • If someone is helping them to complete this, make sure they cannot be seen in the photo/video

  • Make sure they take a picture of the document when it asks you to

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